About Crystals by Enchantment & 2Dvine


Welcome to a website where nothing is what it seems - because is anything reality or just a dream

Let me try and explain – because what you and I see are not the same

Light can be dark – or like a cat can or cannot bark

But can dark be light – or would that make things too bright

The words I come out with might just make your day – just trying to interpret what I say

I work with my inner voice, my intuition – the things I produce may not always be a logical decision

My artwork comes from the Crystals around me – the images produced are not what I, but you will see

Now having done all my listening – especially to the Crystals singing and glistening

This website is for those wanting a change – who want to be thought of as slightly strange

It is aimed at those wanting to have some fun – who like me have followed a path which is now done

I have decided after so many years – to stop tearing my hair out and trying to please

If you want to learn some fascinating things – then this could be where your journey begins

I aim to change your mind and perception – to find a new way without deception

So if you want to learn to open yourself up – I can put on the kettle and we can chat and tea sup.

My rhyming might leave a lot to be desired - but working for myself I know I cannot be fired

My ways of working may be tongue in cheek - but if you wander it through you may find what I do is mayhap, just mayhap what you seek.

I trade as Crystals by Enchantment, which has been specialising in Crystals for the last 20+ years.  In the case of the Crystals they are new, but have just been growing for zillions of years and I literally have thousands of them.   

Some of the other items on here are pre-loved (owned) but are in good if not ‘as nearly new’ condition. 
Everything is as described with photo’s hopefully showing any flaws and signs of wear which all adds to their history and character. If you are in any doubt then please ask before buying. I try my best to use the photos and descriptions to reflect an honest condition of the items featured.

Switching Off & Re-Booting and the 2Dvine Crystal Riddle Readings are all about you and what you are capable of if you truly want to know.

I mayhap bring back some of my workshops in the future - please don't hesitate to ask.
Please go to my Terms & Contact page for Conditions and Postage and anything else you might need to know.
Please bear in mind all the items are unique - you will usually only find one (unless stated) available.
Rebecca xxx

It's ok to change what you want just because...

‘You will find I get bored with sometimes too much ease - and things that were on here will be removed, parked or even cease

They may appear once again if I am in the mood - but only if I think they are going to be read or even just viewed

If not then I will try something else as my brain is never still - gaps that appear I will always try and fill

Not doing something is not always a task - but life is much too short and disappears too fast’

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