The Enigma Cauldron The Enigma Cauldron Blog

Welcome to my blog right now and here - where thoughts I write not always that clear
The name because Enigma can mean puzzles and rhymes - the Cauldron because I like to stir things up at times
You may or may not agree with what I say - but my words could make a difference to your day
Some may stir and cause a debate - can you then open or close that floodgate
Whatever it is that you find in my words - remember as an individual it's only what you have heard
Everyone interprets things in their own fashion - what I write down comes out sometimes with too much passion
The easiest way to try to understand what I mean - is to realise I have no underlying scheme
My work I do is and has always been to help others - the rhymes a bi-product that help to uncover
Deep seated emotions or just to make you laugh - so don't try to delve too deep or you might miss your own path

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