An eclectic mix of vintage, antique and just collectible

Various shapes - £2.00 - £2.50 each
Mini sub and Piranha
Cute Salt and Pepper Pots
Only the Aeroplane and Parrot left
Cute Salt & Pepper Pots
Fire Engine, Police Dingy, Microlite or Police Buggy
From A E Williams - Christening - New Baby - Wedding
Staffordshire Tableware
Vintage Japanese Artware
Different designs from Madagascar
Just two of many
Presentation Box - EPNS
Fine English Bone China
Vintage by SMIT of Guilford
Vintage - 3 x Ceramic bells.
Cornish Studio Pottery
Vintage Ceramic Teddy Bear
Vintage - Made in the Philippines
2 x Country Village Scenes
3 designs from The Irish Linen Company
Cat, Dog, Pig and Rabbit
Chinese porcelain sauce bowl/plate
Kitten and Speckled Hen
Very Vintage Staffordshire
Vintage Pressed Glass
Vintage Burnt Orange Tupperware
Vintage - Made in Czechoslovakia
Blancmange, Jelly or Plaster!
The back stamp puts it being made between 1954-1971
Vintage Wade Car series
Hand painted Stonecraft
Pressed Glass Frosted Gilt Edged
Hand painted & Designed by Elesve, Holland
Charger / Serving Plate - English Staffordshire Pottery
The price is for the pair
Vintage - Made in Germany
Vintage - stylised statue
Vintage Spearmark and Bluebird - Price is for the 3.
Pink roses with Gold trim
Vintage - made from a solid piece of wood
Vintage - Made in Italy
Vintage - Made in the Philippines
5 Hedgehogs and 1 Rabbit - the price is for all of them.
Vintage 1947 - Royal Staffordshire
For those who believe!
Vintage - Actually rocks
Vintage Summerbank Pottery
Vintage Posy Vase - Tinged blue - multi coloured - £29.95
4 Designs the price is for all 4
Vintage Glo-White Ironstone - England
Vintage - A whole flock nearly - 12 in total
Vintage from Selb Bavaria, Germany - 6084
Meat, Vegetable or Desserts
Is it - Gluggle - Gurgle or Glug Glug
Vintage - They come as a pair - Floral transfers
Vintage 1940s or 1950s
A Bulk Buy Assortment of Bracelets, Necklaces and Pendants.
The Hoary Morning Apple - as new-ish
Vintage 13 pieces of fine Bone China
Antique/Vintage Cannons
The picture shows it made up - mine is still in pieces with no instructions! - £245.00
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