All shapes and sizes

Vintage Japanese Artware
Vintage - 3 x Ceramic bells.
M. Requena
Vintage Ceramic Teddy Bear
Cornish Studio Pottery
Vintage - Made in the Philippines
Cat, Dog, Pig and Rabbit
Bridlington in Devon
Dated 1994 by Ray Ayres
The price is for the pair
Vintage - Made in Czechoslovakia .
Vintage USSR
Hand painted Stonecraft
Vintage - stylised statue
Vintage - made from a solid piece of wood
Vintage - Made in Italy
Vintage - Made in the Philippines - £19.00
For those who believe!
Vintage - Actually rocks
Highly detailed.
Vintage Summerbank Pottery
Made in England
4 Designs the price is for all 4
Vintage - A whole flock nearly - 12 in total - £38.00
5 Hedgehogs and 1 Rabbit - the price is for all of them.
Vintage - British Made
Vintage - They come as a pair - Floral transfers - £49.00
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