Corgi Diecast Vehicles

5 different ones

There are five of these vehicles all with their own original boxes dated 1985.  They could all do with a dusting, but didn't want to touch them for fear of doing something wrong. 
There is a Jaguar XJ-S, a Ford Wrecker Truck, a Renault Traffic Van, Rover 3500 Police Car and a Porsche Carrera.  They have been stored away in our various lofts for around 25 + years along with some more which I will put on here shortly if these sell! Not sure if they are 'play worn' or the fact they have been rolling around in the box for so long. The Porsche and Police Car are more worn than the others.
Please take a good look at the pictures as they form part of the description. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos then please don't hesitate to get in touch or arrange to come and see them.

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