The Crystal's Song 

I just thought maybe I should explain The Crystal’s Song a bit more; just a bit or else I'll give away the secret.

Seriously you don’t really think there's some mind-boggling secret; there isn’t, just an awful lot of common sense which can be summed up by the following:

Tumbled Red JasperHere is a picture of what I'm assuming most people know are tumbled Red Jaspers; which are a form of Quartz.  Over time various people have written their interpretation of what their properties are; and like most ‘experts’ books they have been devoured as ‘the truth’. So how about clicking on the picture. What do you see now?

They're still pieces of natural Red Jasper. But what has grown more prominently with them is a piece of what looks like a mixture of Clear or White Quartz.

My question to you is what if one of these pieces had been tumbled with just a fine layer of 'Red' Jasper and the inside was 95% White Quartz where you could not see it, would you work with it as a Red Jasper or a  Clear or White Quartz? One book says RJ is for willpower, courage, and gives energy and WQ is for gentleness, support and caution.  Another says RJ is also known as Brecciated but is a completely different Jasper in another.  WQ is also known as Milk, Snow or Quartzite. To put another spanner in the works - if it is a Quartz why can't it be called Red Quartz or even Browny Red Quartz or get rid of the names altogether! (not as drastic a suggestion as you might think!).

If you work with your Crystals listening to their ‘songs’ (which many of you do)then you would know this RJ would not be reacting the way the book you had read told you.  The question (sorry I do ask a lot of questions) then is, are you working empathically with the Crystal, your intuition and what they are telling you, or dismissing those feelings and going with what a book has told you – ego. That client you're there to help either needs a kick up the backside or a shoulder to unburden on - which do you feel - maybe both. 

As I used to say to my students if a Crystal doesn’t want to go on a specific centre of energy (other areas of the body are available) then put on the Crystal that does.

Books are just a guide – look at the pictures with your eyes, but listen and feel with your heart as to what your Crystals are teaching you.  You have to believe in your own feelings not what someone else’s Crystals imparted to them at a given time.  We're all individuals and your crystals will sing to you, only you will hear what you have and do hear.

I was going to finish and leave you to browse the rest of the website or, if I have offended you, close it and go off somewhere else, but:

In February last year (2020) Malc and I returned from a day at the Spring Fair at the NEC, with me realising that a new dawn is finally coming.  What I've been saying and teaching for decades came to a head at a trade show of all places!

One of the major Crystal suppliers ( I hasten to add I've never used them) there was displaying Crystals which were verging on horrific. One being a seriously beautiful quartz bed on one side, but when you saw the other side a particularly gruesome skull had been carved in to it.  Another was a piece of Jasper which had been formed into the skull of a dead bird, sorry but did anyone ask the Crystals if this is what they wanted?

Is this what the Crystal world has come to? Crystals are gentle healers not objects to be formed into ornaments (seriously nasty ones at that).  If these precious objects are now being dug up from our already fragile planet just to be plonked on shelves to gather dust then the people doing it and the people buying them should be ashamed of themselves. Before anyone does look at my stock and says, but you have polished Crystals - I do but all mine have had a purpose, and with the Pillow Box range expanding they will disappear and be replaced by only natural ones in the future; ones that no one will have seen coming.

If anyone actually reads the above, I do wonder sometimes (read my Blog) I would be interested to hear your views, as it is time for you the true Crystal conduits, to stand up and be counted. The above gives you a taste of what my workshops / courses were like!  To find out more about the Book or the Pillow Boxes click below:


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